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April 4, 2012

Mountain Bike

The last couple weeks since I returned from South Africa have flown by in a hurry.  I’ve settled down with a good solid training routine, kept my nutrition on track, enjoyed the company of some good friends, cleaned the house, brought my plants back from the brink (TJ forgot to water them while in SA) and even snuck in some quality time on the Ibis Tranny.  TJ and I have been working on a game plan on how to execute a good race in Houffalize, Belgium.  I have many pieces to the puzzle figured out but when things went so awry in South Africa, I realized there’s some pieces needing to be reconfigured.  Mostly my mental game.  I’ve been racing long enough now that my collection of disappointments on the bike are tallying up.  There are races and training days that have really shaken me to my core, and I realize more than ever that I’m beginning to fear failure.  There’s really no room for that kind of thinking in bike racing. Or in any sport. Or in life for that matter.

One way to define success is loving what you do while continuing to find opportunities to grow and develop.  That’s my mantra for right now.  And I love what I do. Every day.

Something significant happened a little over a week ago.  A wonderful, life-altering change.  TJ and I stopped by a dog adoption event after a regular-weekend visit to Home Depot (the house projects are never ending).  We’ve done this many times before and have never come home with a dog. Until just over a week ago.  Both our hearts melted when we met Maja, a 10-month old Pit Bull/Lab mix.  She’s all black, with white paws and a white marking on her chest. Our friend described her as the “race-cut.” She’s built for speed.  She’s also fitting quite well into our little family.  We need the same things: some structure, lots of exercise and lots of love.  Here’s Maja:



That’s all for today. Thanks for checking in!




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